Supporting Communities of Color in Our Area

CAAHDER is proud to lead health prevention research

There are countless inequalities in our health care systems, which puts vulnerable populations at risk from the moment they walk into the doctor's office. Vulnerable communities, such as low-income communities and communities of color, are not receiving the level of health care they need and deserve. That's where CAAHDER comes in. We are a community-based organization dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to health disparities and inequalities impacting communities in our area.

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Mission | Vision

Providing solutions to health inequities; Increasing quality of health, and Building bridges through sustained community engagement to improve the quality of health of African American underserved communities.

Equitable Health Care, Empowered Communities

The only organization of our kind

We're one of the few organizations that focuses solely on African American communities, unapologetically. We are fighting back against the impacts of systemic racism.

Not only do we consult on and deliver health programming and research to organizations as well as communities, we also consult on and offer medical education programming for African American communities and the providers that serve them through our subsidiary, ProStrata Health LLC. We provide the same education to community members with the same educational standards. We just adapt the language and delivery modalities as necessary. Through ProStrata Health, CAAHDER fosters a common language between African American medical consumers and their health providers.

More collaborative health-decision making, better quality of care, and ultimately improved health and increased lifespan.

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Health disparity, systemic health inequities, chronic disease, intervention, and policy research

Dissemination and Partnership

Evidence-based intervention for low-income African American communities and partnerships to facilitate reach and impact


Eliminate race, class, gender, and gender-identity based inequalities and discrimination within health care systems

We seek to build partnerships throughout Atlantic City, Atlantic county, southern New Jersey, and nationally
to assist us in understanding and addressing the struggles African Americans are facing and combat them as best we can.

Jennifer R. Warren, PhD, CCP

Executive Director
Principal SocioBehavioral Scientist
& Health Communication Expert ‚Äč

"When you leave this life make sure you followed your purpose and did something meaningful with it. Something that lifted the spirit of folks, even if it is just one person."